Cultural events

Cultural events

Internet and Society: The All-Russian Internet competitions "Nature of the native land" and "Ecological places of Russia" to be launched in September

23 July 2017

Within the framework of the Year of Ecology and the Year of Specially Protected Natural Territories in the Russian Federation, the Committee of the Council of Federation on the Agrarian and Food Policy and Nature Management of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation holds a contest of children's drawings "Nature of the Native Land" and a photo contest "Ecological Places of Russia".

Memory of Russia: The Military-Historical Festival "Rzhevsky ledge" in the Tver region

22 July 2017

On July 22 and 23, 2017, in the village of Kokoshkino (Rzhevsky District, the Tver Region), with the support of the Russian Military Historical Society is taking place the Rzhevsky Ridge military historical festival, within the framework of which the military historical reconstruction dedicated to Operation Mars and the battles for Rzhev in 1942 will be held.